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Alta Vision Network is a television and video content production studio specializing in the Automotive/Motorsport sector for national and international markets. Born in 2014 out of Fabiano Vandone's passion and intuition, Alta Vision Network is an ongoing twenty-years experience consisting of technical Motorsport know-how and 3D animation expertise, essential skills in the creation of exclusive video products.

TV Production

Alta Vision Network is a complete supplier of:

• Shooting studio in 4K
- modular, green screen, directing for virtual set
- management in live production
• Troupe ENG in 4K
• Hardware and software owner
- for 3D modeling and animation
• Adobe Suites
- for Compositing & Motion Graphics
• Editing room with 4 stations
• Post production and color correction suites available also in flight cases for troupe ENG. The experience and the use of the study in green-screen gained over the years allow Alta Vision Network to create mixed realities (3D CGI and guests) and to make available 3D technical elements in photorealistic style to the spectator for greater understanding of communication key messages.

Applying the principle of virtual reality to a video, engineers, designers, technicians and managers can:
• interact with non-real objects and sets,
• explain technical elements and structural behaviors
• accompany the use of a spectacular show in its category.

3d content production

Alta Vision Network follows all steps of 3D video content production, an integrated solution for its clients.
Starting from concept to post production, each project is made through the sinergic workflow of its departments:

• Project Management & Production
• Modeling & 3D CGI animation
• Compositing & Motion Graphics
• Editing & Post Production

Moreover authors, journalists, translators, directors, directors of photography, troupe ENG. Eachone supports Alta Vision Network as Outsourcing for «on demand» activities.

The 3D video content production through 3D CGI animations provides several advantages: first of all the simplest understanding of product functionality. 3D animations are easily adaptable at various communication and target levels (from B2C to B2B targets) with durations and dimensions tailored for communication media channels. Alta Vision Network optimizes production times and costs taking care of any changes and implementations internally, through its integrated solution that follows each step of activities.


Alta Vision Network is an integrated and autonomous entity, offering a 360-degree communication service. From concept to the final product, all the the assets and tasks are managed internally to optimize schedules and costs to any customer need.


Project Management  /3D Dept / Motion Graphics Dept / Editing Dept / Troupe ENG - OUTSOURCING - Directors, Authors, Directors of Photography, Speakers, Troupe ENG, Translators


Alta Vision Network has: two control rooms, two virtual set studios, 6 full HD and 4K cameras.
Single camera and multi-camera external shooting set.
3 editing suites for post production.


The post-production department deals with visual effects, editing and sound design, voiceover, color correction and export in the required formats for distribution.


The production structure, in constant synergy with 3D and motion graphic deparments, deals with the development of the project, the result of a careful analysis of the brief, of a constant interface with the customer around a shared concept. It is essential to create storyboards, scripts writing, run down and storylines before starting any kind of activity. Schedules and resources are evaluated and updated weekly, to meet customer deadlines.


Alta Vision Network creates 3D video content for Virtual Reality devices, an immersive and engaging experience with a high emotional impact. The aim is to put the user at the center of the scene and make the protagonist of situations and environments that are difficult to reproduce in reality. Journey through the gears of a mechanical element, ride as the driver on a F1 single-seater, or follow educational driving courses. these are just a few examples of what can be achieved.


It is the enhancement of services shot in a real context though the use of 3D and motion graphics, for a better understanding of the technical comment. The talent can interact with a mechanical piece, explode and break down the components and flows, and explain it in ways otherwise impossible in live and thus delivering a dynamic and engaging experience.


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